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CADDRA's guideline 2014 update is now available online!

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New medication, Intuniv XR

Health Canada has approved a new medication, Intuniv XR (guanfacine hydrochloride extended-release tablets) , for the treatment of ADHD in children aged 6 to 12 years as monotherapy and as adjunctive therapy to psychostimulants in cases when psychostimulants are associated with a sub-optimal response. Guanfacine is a selective alpha-2a-adrenergic receptor agonist. Extended-released guanfacine is available since a few years in the United States and is now be available in phamacies in Canada since Fall 2013. CADDRA website will soon offer more informations for clinicians (check for the CADDRA guidelines updates).

DSM-5 is now available: what's new for ADHD?

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DIVA 2.0 is a structured Diagnostic Interview for Adult ADHD, second edition, developped par Dr Sandra Kooij and her team.
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