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My Brain Needs Glasses, book for children with ADHD
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Book for children with ADHD

Kids Book : My Brain Needs Glasses

"At the beginning, I thought I was the only one with this problem. But my doctor told me that about 1 in 20 kids suffer from AD/HD. That means that there is probably at least one child per class in my school who has it. That means that lots of people have the same problem as I do and can find solutions that work for them."

Filled with instructive information and effective hints, the imaginary journal of Tom helps children, parents, and education and psychology professionals overcome attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Funny and imaginative, My Brain Needs Glasses is an indispensable book to better understand the reality of kids living with AD/HD, which is not imaginary at all!

Following the publisher's bankrupcy this summer, you can now get Dr Annick Vincent's books at Librairie médicale et scientifique.

Illustration : Mr. Mathieu Guérard

Did you know?
The beautiful children's drawings found in the book My Brain Needs Glasses are the works of students of the school Les Sources in Quebec city, and are the wonderful results of a drawing contest organized by Dr Vincent with the complicity of the school. Dr. Vincent's four children also participated in the drawings. You will find the names of these budding artists on the inside cover.