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NOTE : All documents presented here have been donated by the authors, and I graciously thank them. These questionnaires and other tools are specially created for professionals. I chose to make them available to everyone, not for people with ADHD to consult without professional supervision but rather to provide universal access to these tools. If you are not a professional and visit this section, it is very likely that you will have questions about the content and I invite you to consult a professional in your area.

The edition of the 2011 revised third edition of CADDRA ADHD Practice Guidelines offers a full ADHD Toolkit for the assessment and follow-up : CADDRA ADHD Assessment Toolkit (CAAT)

We would like to thank:

CADDRA who allowed us to include the following questionnaires on this site and Dr James M. Swanson and his team who developped the SNAP questionnaire.

Physician Instructions:

Assessment and Follow-up Forms:


Diva 2.0

Wender-Utah Rating Scale

Dr Pierre-Claude Poulin's questionnaires

Driving Questionnaire

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire